Know where your animals are at all times.

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Herd Alert provides state-of-the-art livestock tracking and monitoring solutions.

The system is built with security, accuracy and automation in mind to help livestock producers make quick decisions and to create greater efficiency for their farming operations.


With the Herd Alert solution, you can continuously monitor and track the location of your livestock using our smart tracking devices. Easily set up Geofences and Herd Alert will automatically send you alerts when suspicious activity is detected.


Just like a fitness tracker, our smart device measures animal activity along with other key metrics which makes for happier, healthier herds. Now you can easily identify which animal is sick within hours (rather than days) and take corrective action.


The Herd Alert solution provides individual animal identification, premises verification as well as movement reports to comply with international livestock traceability standards. Each animal's data is collected and stored on our platform for record keeping.

We keep you connected to your animals when you need it most.

We are pushing the boundaries in animal tracking and monitoring, by providing advanced solutions for livestock producers to save time, money and animal life.

We keep you connected to your animals when you need it most.
Livestock Management Platform

Livestock Management Platform

Our platform continuously monitors all livestock, and sends alerts when problems are identified. The portal allows users to access and run meaningful reports of all their newly collected data for better decision making and livestock management.

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